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If you’re thinking about becoming a wholesale customer, or you already are and haven’t placed your first wholesale order with us yet, this page is full of valuable information about the resale documentation we need to help you set up of your wholesale account. In order to be as helpful as possible, we provide links to the documents needed to qualify as a wholesale customer at The Classic Manhattan and the documentation required for your purchases to be exempt from state sales and use taxes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at hello@theclassicmanhattan.com.

DISCLAIMER: Sales and Use Tax throughout the United States is a changing landscape of laws and documentation. Although we do our best to update this information, we provide it only as a reference for our customers based on our company’s needs. In no way should this list be used as your sole source of information. If you discover that any of the links are incorrect or that information has changed, please contact us and we will update the links. This is not in any way meant to be legal advice. Please contact your state directly if you have any questions about how to obtain your business or resale license.

distributor policy

5 Piece Minimum

 5 pc per product minimum

Non Compete

Healthy bears, healthy competition

Maintain Price Points

Maintain resale price points

Maintain Market Value

We monitor for strong market value

Can Not Use Tradename

Protecting brand recognition

Regional Sales Area

Contract agreement for your area

The Classic Manhattan

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  • The Golden Whiskey Hair and Beard Conditioner
  • The Gold Rush Hair and Beard Shampoo
  • Tennessee Whiskey Pre- and Post- Beard Old Softener
  • Bourbon Whiskey Beard Softener Cream
  • Fireball Mask After Beard Softener Balm

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