The Classic Manhattan is a Luxe Male Grooming Brand famous for The “BOURBON WHISKEY BEARD SOFTENING CREAM” as well as other innovative male products.

The Classic Manhattan is a male grooming product line made with hints of whisky & bourbon secrets .

The traditional whiskey of choice is our

Shampoo – “The Gold Rush Hair & Beard Shampoo” and second is our Hair & Beard Conditioner “The Golden Whiskey”

These “Bourbon Fusions” can be used along with our aroma therapy steam towels to provide an upscale grooming experience.


The Beards and Brunch is geared toward Professional Beard groomers. Whether you’ve been in business for 7 days or 17 years you can

level up by learning the secrets to provide the best beard grooming services for your clients while capitalizing in business growth & your grooming services!

Our Motto : Our biggest assets are Services & People with great products to enhance the experience of excellence! Those who become your clients have valuable insights about your business that they can’t find anywhere else!

Join us and learn how to capitalize your grooming services , relax, connect with like-minded professional .

No one should leave this brunch without an accountability partner and a smile. ?

For everyone that’s bought a ticket so far, you’ll receive the address & just like I tell my clients, please be camera ready because We need our pictures and videos to be lit ?

To catch the rest of the vibe, tune in to our upcoming stories. Tag your favorite barber or beard man below ?

Shante Randolph Presents: THE CLASSIC MANHATTAN